Skills are mental and practical abilities to enable something. A goalie needs more than one skill to become succussful. One important skill is the attitude . Be ambitious, determined and have faith in yourself. Otherwise ask yourself the question: "How should a team has faith in me if I do not?" We do not like this question in the mind of a goalie and want to change it into an exclamation. So, if a striker starts to shoot, we look at him and tell him: "Try it, I am ready and I will save that ball. There is no chance for you to score!" We have faith in ourself and believe us, the strike will feel it. Also your body language will be different (Look at Patrik Aman, he has faith in himself).

Another important skill is your technic . Improve your technic step by step and do not try do learn every technic during one lesson. A good foundation of basic positionings, movements and throw outs are a key to become successful. Even if you already familiar with the basics, do not hestitate to spend 5 min to 10 min on them when you start your training. It helps you to develop an automatism which increases your reaction speed.
You need a good understand of the game and overview of the field to use the mentioned skills ideal on the field. This explains the third skill which we call scanning . Learn to scan and analyse your opponent. Is he

  • the individual dribbler and likes to do solo walks with a final shot?
  • more the player who distributes the ball and rarely shoots?
  • player who has a certain property before he shoots?
  • ....
Besides the scanning of individual players, you also have to scan the field. Do not only focus on the player with the ball, identify possible shooters on the field before the pass. It helps you to react faster.

We hope that this section of our homepage helps you to improve your skills and you become a better goalie than before.
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