Off-field training

After the season is before the season. Put your goalie suit in the locker and do off-field exercise during the summer break. A lot of people hate this part of the year but we actually love it. It is the perfect time to start the focus on impulse power, balance and hand-eye coordination. For some off-field exercise you need partner but that actually should challenge you and your partner.

August 24, 2018


  • Content: Off-season game to lose the fear to blog the ball by the head
  • Focus: leg muscles, reaction, fun
  • Equipment: ping pong table, headis ball
  • Number of Assistants: one (as an opponent)
August 17, 2018

Core Strength Jump

  • Content: Train the core strength to be faster in your movements
  • Focus:muscle building
  • Equipment: -
  • Number of Assistants: 0
July 7, 2018

Simple wall catches

  • Content: Basic hand eye coordination exercise
  • Focus: leg muscles, reaction
  • Equipment: 2 balls, wall
  • Number of Assistants: 0
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