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We (David and Lars), both floorball goalies, hope you like our webpage to share our knowledge of goal tending

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    Launch of between the posts
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  • Feb 2019

    Publication - Puzzle of a successful goalie section
  • Apr 2019

    Donation - Uganda Ndejji Team
  • May 2019

    Donation - Crowdfunding to send Burkina Faso's woman national team to Africa Cup
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    Publication - Mobility section
  • Jul 2019

    Coaching - Floorball Camp in San Lorenzo Spain
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    Publication - Depth tool to determine cover ratio
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  • April 2020

    Coaching - Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur

Our Vision

To be a floorball goalie is our passion. There is no better feeling than stopping a shot everyone considered going in. As a goalie, you are the last defender on the field. A striker can make mistakes. But a goalie cannot as there are no lost opportunities on a side of the field, only balls we failed to stop. That’s why our skills are so critical to be always ready for the save. As we are both passionate floorball goalies, we are always searching for ways to improve our game, be it a new training method or a tiny bit of sports psychology. But as we all know, many coaches have no clue on how to train a goalie, so all we can do is to train ourselves or tell our coaches what we want to improve in our game. With this page we want to provide our knowledge about and want to answer these questions:

  • What are the basic positions of a floorball goalie?
  • Which moves are available and when should a floorball goalie use them?
  • How should a floorball goalie's positions and moves be applied in different situations
  • Which exercise are good to improve certain goalie skills?
There will also be short stories and experience reports. With those we hope to entertain you, make you benefit from our experience and hope you can learn from the mistakes we made. We also will post our thoughts about the floorball camps we visited and give our commentary about specific saves we’ll find online. Furthermore, we want to write short product reviews whereby we want to help you to find the right gear, or at least makes it easier to find. We try to post weekly and are working hard on it to keep this pace. Feel free to contact us and ask us questions, we will answer as fast as we can. Feedback is always welcome and we looking forward to learn also from your experience, too ;-)

Proud to be a goalie

Who are we

David & Lars


I am a '94 born Swiss guy and started playing floorball at the age of seven, but only on the streets. Later on when I was 15, I started playing for a small field club and found at the age of 17 my way between the posts at a large field club, where I played in under 18's, under 21's and the 2nd team (3rd division) and 1st team (NLB). After a year I changed to my current club SV Waldenburg Eagles, where we managed to get promoted to Division 1.
By the beginning of 2020, I started Goalie Coaching at Red Ants Rychenberg Winterthur, a womens team in Switzerlands highest Division, the NLA. With this website, Lars and I want to help every floorball goalie by providing our knowledge and help floorball to grow.
In the 2017 edition of BLindsave Goalie Camp I met Lars for the first time and we became good friends. After participating also in the 2018 and 2019 (summer & winter) edition I am looking forward to 2021 summer camp and hope to see as many of you there as possible.


I was born '88 on a small island in Germany and started playing floorball (kinda) late at the age of 16 as a striker. I found my passion between the posts five years ago. My goal of this page is to share and extend my knowledge of floorball goal tending. Goal tending is much more than epic dives or jumps to save the ball and keep your team in the game. It is also to apply the right technique for the right situation. To be in position, to move in a comfortable way and keep the overview of game at the same time will be my focus. For that purpose, David and I created this page. Through my career I played for different clubs everywhere in Germany. Not only playing floorball is my passion, I also like to teach others and give some lessons in basic skills for other clubs. I participated the Blindsave Goalie Camp 2017 where I met David, with whom I became good friends. I visited 2018 and 2019 edition of Blindsave Goalie Camp and surely will be at Blindsave Goalie Camp 2021.
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