Goalies with Hearts

We are floorball goalies with passion and like to share our knowledge with other goalies distributed all over the world. Unfortunately, not everybody has the possibility to play floorball in the absence of sport facilities or floorball equipment. To give these kids also the possibility to live the passion floorball, we came up with “Goalies with hearts”, a page where we support different projects foundations and non-profit organisations.
We hope that with “Goalies with Hearts”, we can provide support to others in need and help where necessary.


Current Project: Female national team Burkina Faso

WE NEED YOU: The female national team of Burkina Faso is the current champion of the Africa Cup. The team want to defend the title this year whereas they need our help to finance the travel costs to Kenia (4500km far away - beeline). The total costs are around 12k€. Please help us to realize the title defence. Click the link to get to our donation page - Link.

Uganda Ndejje Floorball Team

The floorball team in Ndejee is a mixed team and trains three times a week. As they do not have the possibility to train in a sports facility, they train on gravel ground which leads to high wear of sticks and blades. We from Between the Posts donates the team the following:
- 12 sticks
- 10 replacement blades
- 2 tool bags
We wish the team a lot of fun with the equipment


Terre des femmes

On the occasion of the worlds womans day 2019, we donate 100€ to the foundation "Terre des Femmes". „Terre des Femmes“ is a 1981 founded non-profit women‘s rights foundation. Their main goal is to fight against female genital mutilation, circumsation of infants, forced marriage, honour killing, forced prostitution and domestic violencce. „Terre des Femmes“ is also known for their „flag campaign“, a yearly event that takes place on 25 November in Germany.

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